Monday, January 12, 2009

So Many Years In Motion, A Love Story

It was a great night
two strangers dancing
in the sheets of desire
now I am boarding
that bus, that takes me
in many directions all
at the same time
I still smell your perfume
or is it already a memory
so much time in motion
to be still, would make
me feel out of place
drifting in time

"Yes Sir" , "No Sir"

On the move again
my only companions
a duffel bag, pack of gum
and a worn out

Every now and then
I think back to that
Tulsa night
her soft skin
that perfume
that dance
of desire

"Yes Sir", "No Sir"

No time for memories
another bus to catch
another sunset lost
another dust filled road

I"m on my way.....

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