Monday, January 12, 2009

Let Me Play For You

Sat down at the piano
placing my fingers on the keys
how at home I feel here
fingers begin to move
sounds of notes follow
where is this music
taking me?

The music
writing itself
is that my heart strings
playing in the background?

Sweet the sound
of music, coming
from my finger tips
haunting, the sound
of my soul, bringing
forth, a voice, a vocal
to the music being

"Not to worry, my love
Angel's wings flutter
about you"

"With each kiss
the heart wants more
the soul is filled with desire"

"This is the mystery of love"
"This is the mystery of love"

I have to stop, I can not
see the keys
the tears falling
like Heaven's rain
in my heart

This rain
touches my fingers
they stop playing
the music stops
but, the rain continues

"This is the mystery of love"

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