Monday, January 12, 2009

I Still Carry Your Memory

Pulled out that letter
you know the one
torn, taped, ink faded
just the way it is
this old message
of love

held it in my hands
yes, they still shake
a bit, as I unfold
words written, not forgotten
memories swirl back
to a better time, place

Slowly and carefully
I read the thoughts
of yesterday's dreams
how deep the crease
of time, in these
folded pages

It's been so long
I can not see your
face in my mind
but, I still hear
your voice
deep in my soul

"Do you still
remember me?"

Years gone by
I should have called
I never did
I never did
some many sunsets
lost, sunrises missed
just to have one more kiss

Now the number
at the bottom
is old and faded
like my favorite jeans

I reach into my pocket
for change, to use the phone
but the number
is long ago, a faded memory

"Do you still remember me?"

I should have called...........

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