Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Walk Alone With You On My Mind

Where should I begin
as the sun rises
or under cover of darkness
would it matter
are not the results the same
or are they.

For me this is no easy task
not that it is full of lies
but more the truth at hand
should I whisper
will I shout, perhaps not
to understand, my message.

We spend many hours
together, but alone
both in our corners of home
our parts of the world
we shared, we laughed, we cried
yet neither of us spoke a word

You have never heard my voice
I have yours, but in passing
or was it just the laughing I remember
face to face, well not in the same space
at what point, did love, passion enter
it came rushing in like a wild wind.

My heart resides behind many a wall
yours guarded, like a mighty fortress
yet all came crashing down
no warning just a few words spoken
smiles, gestures of kindness
all because of random "I Love You's"

Yet it is not our time
in fact I am my steps ahead
in both time and space
I have walked this place so many times before
what I see in you is the bright new sun
who could not be in love with you.

I will always remember you, want you
but my journey is without you at my side
seek comfort in the fact
that each day I think of you, say your name
be happy, for I watch from a far
we will never share a ring, just some time.

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