Monday, May 10, 2010

False Heartbeat

Wipe the tears from your eyes
for this the game is over
unmasked your soul reveals
as seen from the corner of eye

You are not of fearless heart
your words bleed before the sun
do not count the shadows
exposed in bright light, lies

Intent or intension, her fate
in the words of love, trust
you are accused, guilty, caught
weaver of lies, twisted truth

Not under your thumb, lips griped
witnessed, observed, blinded
in the ways of love, corruption
you are not the game's master

I have always know, your intention
even with blinded eyes of love
how clearly I did see your web
yes spin faster, faster, faster

Speak not of love or reflection
for I leave you, now and forever
dream not of the alter or future days
for you are no match for my love, my prayers

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