Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do You Think Of Me When It Rains In Your World?

My love I have returned
be still, do not move
for I am only here in moments
soon the sun will raise in your eyes.

Longing in my desire, my words
at times my tongue seems empty of task
yet in my heart are volumes, messages
make not judgements for this is real love.

Once, I was your first thought
my name now never to be reclaimed
lost before the sun, cast out of night
do you smell the rain?, remember me

I stand here in your dream, waiting, wondering
will you cross the hearts bridge, meet me
feel passions winds, or am I alone here
what of signs, of life, love, intentions

I will return, hope still lives, tears in motion
still the question remains "Do You Love Me More?"
for I am a wandering soul, a nomad
captain of the sands of time, I wait, I wait, I wait.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant piece. Full of emotions.

Zenstone said...

Thank you for your comment and I am very happy you enojyed my writing.

Sarah Vino said...

Lovely... Did you write this all yourself? Nice blog. I have a Wine and Food blog , if that tickles your fancy at all! Cheers :)

Zenstone said...

Hello Sarah,

Yes, all the writing in this blog are my originals. Thank you for the kind comment. I'll be by to read your blog. =)