Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dancing Shadows By The Lighthouse

Warm this summer night
even as the sun sets in bright orange
melting into the sea of dreams

meet me by the lighthouse
watched by Luna rising
say "Goodnight" to the sun

Turn and listen
I call your name
casting whispers upon the sea winds

Luna, now takes her place
look up at smiling stars
yes I am here

The sand is still warm, on bare feet
warmer is my heart, that awaits
take my hand

How beautiful you are in Luna's light
have you cast a spell on me, I think not
for my heart is willing, my soul on fire

Come dance with me, until the return of day
hold close, so that I may feel your heart's passion
for there maybe no tomorrow, so dance the night away

Warm this summer night, as we melt into a sea of dreams

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