Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ocean of Dreams

Take the wheel, steer the course
a good wind today, set the sails
leave that comfort of harbor
with compass and sexton

Destiny changes in degrees
tun the wheel, turn the wheel
the sea now calm, like life at times
yet how deep the waters of truth or trust

Feel the wind, that sea air
taste the salty spray
like the taste of real tears
that form your private ocean

Would you follow me
to the edge of the world
how deep is your love, desire
will I be the one, your captain

Will you be my water, my life
do you long to swim in my ocean
will love save us
at times the sea is unforgiving, like love, life

Hold tight, the wheel
destiny changes in degrees
turn the wheel, turn the wheel
steer the course, beware the rocks, the sirens

There is a good wind today
will I be your captain?

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