Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You and Me

How pale the sky that day
you said "I love you"
but the wind came
blowing your words

Or am I mistaken
was it a bright shiny day
you said " I love you"
my memory fades
the day.

No, I remember
it was a starry night
you said " I love you"
or was it just wishful
thinking on a falling star.

I wish or maybe not
thoughts from a day
or days gone by
like scenes form
life's moments
come to pass
or never be.

Tonight I will
compose that music
not yet written in
my mind
of a day, a night
fragments of lost
love or just
the story of

"You and Me"


Lisa said...

lovely, as always

Zenstone said...

Hello There...Thank you Lisa =)