Monday, January 19, 2009

Just A Bit Country

It was crowed
noise filled the air, the fill of glasses
lights dimmed
now I can hear that pin drop
sat back, smiled
your fingers, just play my chords
with each note, you draw me near
voice like Angel's tone
you told us stories
our attention to every detail, or tale
I have always been a rocker, but
tonight I became a bit country
if just for the biscuits and gravy, smiles
I would say "I love You", but
I have only been country
for a short time, well maybe just minutes
Well, I am more like a Bon Jovi cowboy
since I ride a steel horse
on the open highway
wind in my shoulder length hair....

Like, I said "I've only been country for a bit"


Contest Chris said...

A little bits better than none. Great Post!

Zenstone said...

I would have to agree :)